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    Bizhub 750 toner leaking n too solid

    Hi, does anyone know why this model always toner drop on T/S block and Mylar at drum unit full of toner.

    I had tried to vacuum thoroughly the Mylar n path connect to filter behind machine, drum units etc..

    Run this drum peculiar mode and even adjust max density adj = 19

    But some how max density will change to 39 after exit to normal mode.

    Anyone have other way to solve this problem?

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    Re: Bizhub 750 toner leaking n too solid

    This is a very well known problem on this model and there are many threads on this subject already.

    If the waste section of the drum unit is full, this is usually a sign that the solenoid which drives the coils has failed, replace it.

    As for the other causes, a simple search on this website will reveal all of the common fixes.

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    Re: Bizhub 750 toner leaking n too solid

    I don't know without my notebook, but their is a solution that has you change 2 dip switch settings that will reduce the amount of toner used. Also make sure your grid voltage is correct, especially if you use aftermarket drums.
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    Bizhub 750 toner leaking n too solid

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    Re: Bizhub 750 toner leaking n too solid

    This thread might help you:
    Konica 7165/7155 Developer Dumping Solution


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