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    User Authenitication Auto-filling "Recipient User" with Domain Login

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    User Authenitication Auto-filling "Recipient User" with Domain Login

    I have a C364 with User Authentication for a handful of people. The rest of the users are public and can print black only. The problem is that the driver automatically fills their domain login "ajones", for example, in the "Recipient User", with no password. This results in the prints never processing (yes Print w/o Authentication is on). This is solved by checking "Public User" but there are many users I found this annoying.

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    Re: User Authenitication Auto-filling "Recipient User" with Domain Login

    There should be a way to turn off auto fill in user authentication, otherwise turn off "auto obtain machine info" and user authentication on the users whose accounts you don't want registered in the machine you could even input a dummy ip in the obtain specification. all that takes place in the configuration tab of the printer properties. That way the public user pcs don't know authentication is turned "on" on the machine hence no need to register accounts. Alternatively create a group allowing these domain created accounts to print but only in black. either way i hope it helps


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