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    223 Replenish Paper

    I think I have a case of a customer slamming the drawers, but I am not sure how to fix it.

    Both cassettes consistently say "replenish paper", unless drawer is closed very firmly, and/or jimmy around enough.

    So I believe the process should be

    1) Cassette Detection
    2) Size Detection
    3) Engage Lift
    4) Paper Present

    My machine recognizes cassette, size, but never engages lift. It almost immediately says "repl. paper"

    No C-codes

    I have replaced lift motors, metered board, swapped upper limit sensors, inspected cassettes.

    Thanks for your time!

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    223 Replenish Paper

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    Re: 223 Replenish Paper

    Something is keeping it from seating right. Could be as simple as sitting on a flat surface with all feet level. Place it on the floor and see how it works. Floors have to be level to ground. Just a thought.
    Why do they call it common sense?

    If it were common, wouldn't everyone have it?

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    Re: 223 Replenish Paper

    I had this recently on one tray only, and ended up having to change the tray rails. The one on the right was butchered either by a geriatric dumbass technician, or an abusive user.

    on this particular machine closing the tray can now be done with 1 finger, though i did strategically apply some lubricant too.

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    Re: 223 Replenish Paper

    You did check for paper left in the machine behind the tray didn't you?

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    Re: 223 Replenish Paper

    I had a case of this on a C360, but the cassette structure is similar.

    When you remove the cassette there is a "T" shaped structure molded of the cassette base that blocks a photointerrupter ... or it's supposed to. I found that by pushing on the tray I could get it to lift, or stop lifting. The photointerrupter is buried, installed from the backside. To test my hypothesis I took some black colored self-adhesive mylar and extended the flag at the back of the tray by 4mm. It worked perfectly.

    Then I thought about what a pain it would be to get to the photointerrupter. So why do I have to do that? It works just like this (and still does). =^..^=
    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.
    5) You are the person onsite. Only you can make observations.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=


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