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    Dead FD-501 folding unit

    Hi All,
    I'm hoping someone can offer a bit of help with a dead FD501.
    When the unit was connected to the system for the first time I powered up and a breaker tripped on the consumer unit. After resetting and powering up the FD appeared dead.
    I have removed the rear panel and notice a flashing amber LED on the topmost circuit board. There are two breakers/relays on the bottom left of the unit that appear to be letting power through, pressing the external buttons doesn't seem to affect the circuit.
    I have looked for a fuse near the transformer but I can't seem to find one.

    I presume that the IC's are fed from a separate power supply and that's why I am seeing power to the board.

    If anybody can shed any light on the most likely cause I would be most grateful.

    Also, if there are any techs here on the Costa Blanca in Spain I would happily pay for someone to come and look at it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Re: Dead FD-501 folding unit

    Most likely your issue is a blown power supply in the FD unit. The FD control board is supplied 5vdc from the main body to run the logic circuit.
    Hope this helps.


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