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    Remote copy counter required for konica C203

    Hi, I'm looking for an external page counter for a Konica C203. It needs go behind a shop counter so the shopkeeper can count the pages and also enable and disable the machine.

    I've contacted my local Konica dealer and he said he's never really heard of one but thinks there's some software you can put on a PC which does it.

    I've seen them in the past on other copiers which ran on a pulse system via wires connected to the back of the machine. If anyone knows about these or how difficult they are to fit to Konica machines it would be a big help as my customer is without one at the minute.

    Any help appreciated, Thanks

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    Remote copy counter required for konica C203

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    Re: Remote copy counter required for konica C203

    this may work RCC
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    Re: Remote copy counter required for konica C203

    HECON offers a couple of counters, both mechanical (you insert the counter) and electronic. Hook up kits are made for the KM products and they connect very easily. Emujo
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    Re: Remote copy counter required for konica C203

    This device can count Color V B/W and small V large paper. True-Count

    Let your dealer know it is item number 7640014087 in their solutions price book under Remote Copy Counter.
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    Re: Remote copy counter required for konica C203

    turn on account track set up 10-20 counters and zero out (webpage from computer) and give a different code to each user. When done quick look at webpage counters and click to reset.
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