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    BH-C-353 with FK-502, international calls

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    BH-C-353 with FK-502, international calls

    Customer has a BH-C-353 with the Faxunit FK-502. Dialing international calls by using 00xxxxxxxxxx is not possible. Regional and local calls with 0xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx go through. Any hints please?

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    Re: BH-C-353 with FK-502, international calls

    Put the fax in "off hook" and attempt to dial the number. What happens during the process? There are some settings for international calls in the SM. Emujo
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    BH-C-353 with FK-502, international calls

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    Try pause between 00 and the fax nr. A.e. 0044123456789 to 00p44p12346789 or try without ECM. Or as Emujo suggested.

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