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    konica C550 code 1101

    hello, the C550 I'm working on has a slight grone and will make 10 to 15 copies then jam with a 1101 code. I swapped out the whole unit with the same occurrence. I see that one motor drives the vertical path roller and the other drives the pickup and feed rollers. I removed the separation assembly and the same noise is there! The noise and jamming does not happen in any other drawer. I checked the gears that drive off the motor and they seem fine! I'm thinking about trying another feed unit, this was a used assembly and did not test before taking it out there! any suggestions would be great! Thanks

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    Re: konica C550 code 1101

    sorry been a few days and no one has said anything. how many times have you changed each section. And if i read correctly no matter what you put in it has the same problem correct. Does the paper crinkle tear anything, or does it just stop. You could try new clutches or maybe you can try this i dont know if you have looked it up yet

    Jam code 1001 (10-01), 1101 (11-01) or 2001 (20-01) when feeding from Bypass, Tray 1 or Tray 2.
    1. Failed one-way drive gear (22T) in the 1st Paper Feed assembly (jam code 1001/1101) or 2nd Paper Feed assembly (jam code 2001).
    Replace the gear (p/n A00J 5744 00). Inspect the shaft that the gear is on and if it is damaged, replace the drive roller (1st Paper Feed assembly roller - p/n
    A0P0 5707 01 for bizhub C452/C552/C652/C552DS/C652DS or p/n A00J 5707 11 for bizhub C451/C550/C650 ; 2nd Paper Feed assembly roller - p/n A00J
    5722 00). Please see attached document as a reference.To viewthe PDF, you may need to download a free copy of Adobe Reader®.
    2. Failed paper feed clutch (Tray 1 or Tray 2).
    Replace feed clutch (p/n A00J M201 00 for bizhub C451/C550/C650 or p/n 57AA 8203 0 for bizhub C452/C552/C652/C552DS/C652DS )
    SPECIAL NOTE : Solution contribution by Gregg Gallant/Cesar Jimenez/Jim Behrends/Mike McCarthy, Production Print/SSD


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