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    BizhubPress C6000/C7000 Training Videos

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    BizhubPress C6000/C7000 Training Videos

    Does anyone have any how to videos on this series? I'm looking for operating instruction videos like how to setup a a Booklet Job with the Perfect Binder? Or just general operating videos. I have found lots of setup and sales type videos but not any specific user type videos. So if anybody has any they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    BizhubPress C6000/C7000 Training Videos

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    Re: BizhubPress C6000/C7000 Training Videos

    Doubt there are video's for setting up printing jobs...

    sounds like you need a operator - what rip do you have?

    let me know what you need help with, specifically.

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    Re: BizhubPress C6000/C7000 Training Videos

    Have not seen video on this subject as its really complex and every job is different. Many multiple steps for setting up print jobs especially for booklets.

    Suggest you look in the EFI Fiery Forums. For operating on complex jobs there is no better place. Fiery education services might have a posting about operator functions too.


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