The newer versions of the setup tool seem to not like some models and will only convert Job Accounting codes and some User settings.
For example, converting FS-6525MFP files to an ECOSYS M4132idn will not convert the address book or one touch keys.

If this happens, here's how to convert the Address book (And I believe the one touch keys also convert):

1) Open setup tool
2) File --> Open
3) Browse to your U917 files you got from the old copier and find the one that has "AD1" in the middle of the file name. Open it.
4) Select target device for setup. Choose the new model you're converting the files to. press OK.
5) select the "Edit" button to confirm there are in fact scan destinations in this file. press the close button after confirming.
6) Select File --> Save As...
7) select the root directory of your flash drive and select OK.

This should create the correct address book and one touch key files for your new model.

Hope this helps someone! Figuring this out saved me manually typing in 50 or so fax/scan destinations at one of my last installs.