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Install the correct driver to start with that basic stuff

You want the KX driver
Try telling that to teachers it's a nightmare... They just click add printer good old windows adds a poopy generic driver. All these machines really should have a if you don't have paper size do X i.e. just print centered on the closest possible size. HPs been doing this for years and it works people who don't have the driver ain't exactly gonna all of a sudden be bothered to install the correct one as they can't be bothered. We have a customer with 50 laptops didn't matter how many times you explained look you need to install this driver they all just clicked print and put A4 in the bypass until it broke...

I know in a perfect world everyone would install the correct driver but if windows just installs one or the machine let's you send a job from the wrong driver it's always gonna be like this. It would be very easy for Kyocera to build a check into their correct driver so if the machine sees the official driver it works as told but if it's generic or anything else you can select reject job automatically or print on closest size.