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    Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci C7301

    Good day all

    i hope i can get some info , i have a Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci with C7301 coming up , i have cleaned out the toner hopper and even replaced it as after cleaning it out i still got the code , i ran 500 copies and the machine said "wait adding toner" i left the client as the device was up and running after the 500 prints , today i got the call come back with the same C7301 error message , i have been to this machine 3 times this week to clean outthe toner hopper and it works for a day or so and codes again , i have even tried a new original black toner with no luck , any help would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

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    Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci  C7301

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    Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci C7301

    Have you seen this thread? Seems you have done all of that. Possibly board issue? Kyocera 2554ci

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    Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci C7301

    Now that the error has persisted through the replacement of the hopper unit, you'll have to work back towards the engine. inspect the wiring and plugs for errors.

    Electrical noise has been an issue with this series and 2-series. Knowing this, check and clean all the separation HV areas such as near the secondary transfer, fuser separation(of the IH coil) especially if hair or debris are in the fuser separation.

    I've had several 3-series with loose screws holding the LV-PWB and other PWB's as well. The LV one uses several different ground reference points so loops and floating rails have haunted some of my fleet and even popped an engine board because of it. I typically get an additional 1/4 turn on all the screws before they suddenly snug-up.

    If you take the LV-PWB out, STAY AWAY from the big capacitor. t will not drain by itself and can sting you with 380VDC. discharge it with a lamp or resistor to prevent surprises.

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    Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci C7301

    If they are the same, now I don't remember, you can try to invert the toner hopper with the magenta one for example, and if it happens again on magenta you will know that you have to replace the whole hopper.
    If it comes back on black I would investigate the motor.

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    Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 2553ci C7301

    Have you tried a new k developer unit?

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