Hey all, has anyone seen this?

We have a 7550ci in the field that has approx 250k prints (installed 2 months ago) - already had to replace fuser and transfer belt. Since new transfer belt, we keep getting called out for lines on copies. Lines look more like toner is getting dropped/dragged across the pages, I'm thinking maybe faulty cleaning section on belt. Suggestions? Went up on the third call for same issue, was able to resolve before by simply running calibrations, issue would go away. This visit, I ran calibrations, ran test copies, problem went away, but quickly began to return.... when running copy count machine started clicking really loud then popped C-7102 code. Opened machine to discover toner all over inside of machine again (totally cleaned out a few days prior) and cyan developer not augering toner (hince the clicking). Anyone seen anything to cause these machines to be self destructing so early??