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    M3540idn with Under toned prints

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    M3540idn with Under toned prints


    I'm working with a Kyocera M3540idn that has washed out print, looks undertone and this is a mono-component unit. We recently replaced the Maintenance kit (dev, drum fuser) and its using OEM toner. The service manual suggests High Voltage unit. I'm curious if anyone has had this issue and found a different resolution or it indeed was the High Voltage Unit? Any assistance is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: M3540idn with Under toned prints

    There is a developer clutch on those units that can cause light print or no print. I would check that.

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    Re: M3540idn with Under toned prints

    Check the print density to be sure it is set to 3 . Also check to be sure it is not in ECOPRINT mode .
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