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Thread: Kyocera fs 8008

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    Question Kyocera fs 8008

    Have a machine that we just changed out the black developer unit
    with a brand new one.The problem is the black prints are wash out
    and not filled in good,and are lighter on one end than the other.Is the problem a bad dv unit or the bias board.The other colors are find,having
    know problems with them. Thanks Steve

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    Give up now.

    I have been working on these machine's for year. That's the archillies heel problem of this model.

    I have seen that exact fault 3 times, and each time I have installed a new dev, drum, transfer belt, clutch, made sure the machine is level. No fix.

    Just to confirm, does it look like it ok when you do the status page, but then you look at just that black line on one end, and it just not a dense the toner coverage??

    If yes. I would love to know a fix.

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