Can anyone give there opinion of any of the Lexmark classes they have attended in Lexington KY. Specifically any of these models:
  • X64x Series = XM642e,XM644e,XM646e, T640, T642 and T644
  • X65x Series = XS651de,XS654de,XS658dfe,XS658dme,T650, T652 and T654
  • X78x Series = C780, C782, X782e
  • X85x Series = XM850, XM852e, XM854e, W840
  • X94x Series = XC940e,XC945e, C935
I am contiplating to send any techs to these schools or is it really not worth it. We current service the line without any problem just having access to manuals. This line is only about 15% of our current business so I need to decide to send guys Lexmark, Konica/Minolta schools or Kyocera.
Are Lexmark classes really good with how they present their class or does the instructor just read from a service manual?