Hi, I received this error message yesterday and can't figure out why: 990 Service Engine Error.

I have checked Lexmark's site, as well as countless others on the web, only to find nothing works. One said to remove the transfer belt, inspect it, dah d dah d dah. I did all that and still the error.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated, as I would hate to toss this expensive of a printer... but if the option is spend $350 on a new one or $500+ to repair this one... I think we all know which one I'll choose.

Background: I have owned it for about 8 years now. I replace toner, coating roll, transfer roll, etc. when it needs it. It was working FINE yesterday until all of a sudden.... no rhyme or reason. I have no duplexer or other optional add on for it (some sites were saying to try removing the duplexer to see if that removes the error). I was not using any special paper or doing anything out of the ordinary when it happened. The only thing that may have happened is my little 11 month old may have pushed some buttons - but I don't know how she could have caused it to not even let me check the menu options. I removed the coating roll and replaced it, same for the transfer belt. I have also tried holding down the select and return buttons when I turn it on - it still won't let me in the menu.

Basically, when I turn it on now, I hear a faint buzz that I never heard before. I would describe it as a roller not catching the grip it needs to, like it's just spinning. The fan kicks on as normal, but then when it normally clunks and clunks like it's crazy, the error kicks on and it all stops. The clunking was always annoying, but at least I knew it was doing what it was supposed to be doing!!!!

My OS is Windows XP- I have not installed anything new that may have caused a conflict with the printer. I think that's everything....