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  1. I have the latest 4110 IOT software, and quite a bit of collateral material.
    Unfortunately, I don't trade. All my software somes directly from Xerox.
    Prices are reasonable, IOT software for any given product is $125.

    EDOC, diagnostic tool, and SNAPs for any product is $125.
    I also sell a very nice PWS with over 100 products, price is $1500.

    You will have to have a Xerox PWS with the 4110 tool to utilize the software.

    I prefer to post a DVD as I can include a significant amount of related material which is helpful in servicing the product.

    However, I can put the software on my FTP site if the software is needed urgently.
  2. heelo my frient
    my name is dio and i am from greece
    i am interesting for the latest soft for 4110
    i thing is 4 or higher
    can you please tell me if you have it and if we can trade it
    tahnks dio
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