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South Africa
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Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Experienced Tech (10 yrs+)

Nashua (Ricoh)

3113/3313, MPC3004SP, MPC3504SP, MPC4504SP, MPC5054SP, MPC6004SP, Pro C5100S-5110S, MP C6502SP, MP C 8002SP, Pro8120_Pro8120S, Pro8100S_Pro8110S, ProC651Ex_C751_C751Ex, ProC7100_ProC7100S_ProC7100SX, Equitrac, OP Service Master, Security Master, Graphic Arts Expert, PP GA Service Technician (PP Service Master), Wide Format Service Engineer, PP Service Technician, OP Maintenance Technician, Connectivity Service Master, Basic Connectivity Engineer, Streamline NX Specialist, @Remote Engineer, @Remote Specialist


Xerox 4110 CP Pro
Xerox 6204 WF
Xerox 7132 Elan
Xerox Document Centre 220/230 ST
Xerox DocuColor 260 Family
Xerox Document Centre 265 ST
Xerox Document Centre 500 Printer Series
Xerox DocuColor 2240, 3535 and M24
Xerox DCP 700
EFI and Creo
Xerox WorkCentre 7400/7500
Xerox Versant Family
Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses
Xerox Iridesse Production Press
Xerox iGen Family

CLA110 - Xerox Versant 2100:101 Analyst Training
XAC100 - Xerox Anti-Counterfeiting Training and Assessment
S009128 - Monochrome Laser Technology Service Training
S009127 - Introduction to Office Printing Service Training
S009130 - Color Fundamentals Service Training
S009129 - Scan & Copy Fundamentals Service Training
S009131 - Color Laser / LED Technology Service Training
FFPSSP1 - FreeFlow Print Server for Service Providers
EFIOVER - EFI Learning for Xerox - Overview & Logistics
EFI100 - EFI Learning for Xerox - Configuring Fiery Servers
EFI110 - EFI Learning for Xerox - Print Connections and Utilities
EFI200 - EFI Learning for Xerox - Fiery Command WorkStation 6 (Fiery 201 on EFI)
EFI210 - EFI Learning for Xerox - Fiery Tools for Job Management
EFI300 - EFI Learning for Xerox - Optimizing Color and Consistency (Fiery 301 on EFI)
XC550A - Xerox Color 550/560/570 Differences Service Training - Assessment ENG
XC70XTA - Xerox Color C60/C70 Printer Differences Service Training (ENG)
CMYKNTF - Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology for Xerox C60/C70 Service Training (ENG)
V180XTA - Versant 180 Press Differences from Versant 80 Press Service Training (ENG)
VERSDFE - Versant 180/3100 Digital Front End (DFE) Service Training ENG
CC201A - Printing in a Production Environment Training & Assessment
CC202A - Getting Inside Workflows Training & Assessment ENG
PC90XTA - PrimeLink C9065/C9070 Color Printer Differences Service Training (ENG)
CC203A - Applied Color Theory Training & Assessment ENG
C13971 - DocuColor 242/252/260 Differences from DocuColor 240/250 Service Training - Assessment ENG
C13159 - WorkCentre 7655/7665 Differences from DocuColor 240/250 Service Training - Assessment ENG
C14790 - Xerox 4112/4127 Difference from 4110 Service - Assessment ENG
D12501 - Xerox D95/D110/D125 LPM Service Training (ENG)
CD136 - Xerox D136 Differences from D95/100/125 Service Training ENG
FPS4C70 - FreeFlow Print Server for Xerox Color C60/C70 Service Training (ENG)
PC90CMYK- PrimeLink C9065/C9070 Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology Service Training (ENG)
V80PXTA - Xerox Versant 80 Press Differences Service Training ENG
DMOLPROD - DMO Service Light Production Learning Path
CC200LP - Color Intermediate - Production Color Learning Path
V21PXTA - Versant 2100 Press from Versant 80 Differences Service Training Assessment ENG
V31PXTA - Versant 3100 Press Differences from Versant 2100 Press Service Training ENG
V80PCSE - Versant 80 and Versant 2100 Press Update for CSEs ENG
0016465 - Versant 2100 Press Differences from C75/J75 Service - Assessment ENG
0015088 - Xerox Color C75/J75 Press Service Update
CJ75XTB - C75/J75 Color Press Differences from Versant 80/180 Press Service Training ENG
770DCP2 - Xerox 770 DCP Service Training Update (for non-US learners) ENG
C14847A - Xerox 700 & 700i DCP Differences from DocuColor 260 Service Training - Assessment (ENG)
700ATSA - 700DCP Alignment Tool Service Seminar (ENG)
700REPA - Xerox 700 DCP Reliability Enhancement Program ENG
IDMNTFR - Interface Decurler Module (IDM) Service Training (Revised) (ENG)
INSNTFR - Inserter Module Service Training (Revised) (ENG)
PRFNTFR - Production Ready (PRF) Finisher Service Training (Revised) (ENG)
TSTNTFR - Xerox Crease and Two-sided Trimmer Module Service Training (Revised) (ENG)
LPV180P - Versant 180 Press Service Learning Path from Versant 80 Press
LPV31P - Versant 3100 Press Service Learning Path from Versant 2100 Press
IRIDPRE - Xerox Iridesse & ColorPress 800/1000 NTF Preschool Training (ENG)
C17700 - Xerox Color 800i/1000i Press Service Training ENG
IRIDIFF - Xerox Iridesse Production Press Service Differences Training - Part 1
IRIDVID - Xerox Iridesse Video Service Training - Part 2
IRIDPST - Xerox Iridesse Post Launch Release Service Training (ENG)
DMOPROD - DMO Service Production Learning Path
SAF231 - Electrical Safety for "Qualified People" Course
BRFNTF - Business Ready (BR) Finisher Service Training ENG

Color 101
Color 201
Color 202
Color 203
Color 204
Color 205
Color 206
Color 207
Color 208
Color 209
Color 210
Fiery 100
Fiery 102
Fiery 103
Fiery 110
Fiery 200
Fiery 201 v2
Fiery 210
Fiery 220
Fiery 301
Fiery 310
Fiery 320
Fiery 330
Fiery 340
Fiery 400
Fiery 401
Fiery 402
Fiery 410
Fiery 420
Fiery 501
Fiery 510


ePrint Software 3.0 Training for Windows and Mac
HP Color LaserJet 3000/3600/3800/CP3505 Printers Service and Support
HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) Version 5.1
HP FutureSmart Firmware Training
HP Imaging and Printing Security Center Training
HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 SR5 Support Training
HP LaserJet Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Update Training
HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) Fundamentals
Imaging and Printing Fundamentals Master Course, Rev. 11.3
LaserJet Fundamentals Master Course, Rev. 11.3
Solution Awareness Training for Field Service Technicians Rev A
HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 SR8 Support Training
HP Mobile Printing - Printing from mobile devices
HP JetAdvantage Management service and support training
Imaging and Printing Fundamentals Master Course, Rev. 11.3
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M552, M553, MFP M577 series service and support training
HP Designjet Portfolio and Technology
HP Designjet Required Prerequisite WBTs
HP FutureSmart Firmware Training
HP Mobile Print Solution Support Training
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556/MFP 586 & HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555/MFP X585 Service Qualification
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556 and HP PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586 service and support training
HP Designjet Recommended Prerequisite WBTs
HP Designjet Universal Print Driver Service and Support Rev A
Imaging and Printing Fundamentals - Fonts
Imaging and Printing Fundamentals: Mac OS X v10.4 & 10.5
Imaging and Printing Fundamentals – Media, Rev. 11.2
Inkjet Fundamentals - Development of Large Format Inkjet Media
HP DesignJet T730/T830 MFP Technical Updates
HP DesignJet T830 24-in Multifunction Printer - Service and Support Training
HP Designjet T920/T1500/T2500 Technical Updates-recording Rev A
HP DesignJet T930/T1530/T2530 MFP Technical Updates
HP Designjet T2300 eMFP Technical Updates
HP Designjet T2500 eMFP Technical Updates
Servicing Technician ACF Training
HP DesignJet T120/T520/T730 & T830 MFP Service and Support Training
HP V3 Universal Print Driver 6.5.0


Basic Sharp Facsimile
Customer Service Engineer
What Year Did You Start in this Industry:
Favorite Manufacturer:
Most Hated Brand:
The idiot customers.
What was the first machine you worked on:
Nashua 3113/3313
Last machine you were formally trained on:
Xerox iGen


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