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  1. hello friend shim l am tech zaza l sent you this message to know your information find this frimware for ir3300 or no ..pls contacted me at my email
  2. hello friend xender79 and nice to meet you . well l'm ok to healpe you but sent me your email ..and tell me your problems for this ir3300..l'm waiting .
  3. Hi friend zaza .. I is xender79.
    I'm sorry I did not know English, this article up with Google Translator
    Can read .. Even if you're good, so please understand.
    You've seen the pictures and photos of children ..
    You handsome. The child was cute ...
    Say that other countries do not know how this will happen any means.
    South Korea is a good reason ..
    If a mistake is say I'm sorry.

    I want to become your friend so you should not raise the English proficiency of the gingeul.
    I mainly deal with the machine
    ir-3300, ir-2870, ir-5000, ir-5020, ir6000, ir6020
    Dizzy SINDOH Works is a series.

    I need help ..

    ir-Series Hangul (ko) (korea) firmware is one I do not have to suffer too.

    Please help in case if you have.
  4. hello friend xender79 l'm technician zaza ..l see you requests for frimware or software of ir3300 so contacted me in this adress l want discussion with you ..take this adress or contacted me in my name skype ..zahroun19 . l'm waiting .
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