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    Muratec mfx-c2700 error 142

    Service manual states the error code 142 is drum lift up error . Meaning when switching from black and white to color or just to calibrate it raises the color drums in order to use color. Initial service call came in back in December and I replaced the drum on the copier and everything seemed ok. Earlier this week I had a recall on this machine where I greased the fingers that picked the drums up and where the drums slid on the unit. The customer has called back yet again. I am wondering if anyone else here has any insight into what else the issue could be. Thanks!

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    Muratec mfx-c2700 error 142

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    Re: Muratec mfx-c2700 error 142

    clutch that lifts carriage is dirty/bad. good luck with it. You might be able to clean with a can of Electronic cleaner. Getting to it is another ?. I have fixed it this way though.

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