Hello all - end user here looking for some help. I live in a small town in Kentucky, and my wife works for a local non-profit. The machine is at her place of employment, so I'm seeking advice, trying to help them out. It is end of life with our local service place and it is throwing errors I can't seem to clear. I'd like to keep using it at least until the toner we have runs out.

Error codes:
544, 545

I have tried taking the cartridges out and reseating them to no avail. It makes whirring noises while trying to self-test, then throws the errors. This sequence started after I tried to run some 40 lb paper through it. Clearly it didn't like that. The errors are referring to Y and M cartridges.

When I press 'Help' it says:
Toner cartridge not properly installed.

  • Open the scanner unit and top cover.
  • Check that the shutter of the toner cartridge is fully pushed to the left.
  • Close the top cover and scanner unit.

Thanks for any help that can be provided!