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    Hope someone can help

    Hey everyone, new to the site and new to forums in general. The reason I'm here in the first place is that I am a CAD designer at a small engineering firm and we just recently acquired a Canon iPF710 Plotter on the cheap that needs some work. In an effort to further avoid extra cost, I have been tasked with troubleshooting and repairing this machine if i can. Currently it won't even turn on. My plan is to clean it, as it was used and doesn't appear to have been cleaned in some time, and then to trace the wiring to determine if there are any obviously loose, shorted, or burned out wiring or circuitry. Using a cheapo DMM I was able to determine that power is making it to the voltage regulating circuit board, but I've been unable to determine much else as yet. Having never even used a plotter, I am proceeding somewhat blindly and would appreciate any insights from someone more familiar with this machine. Thank you.

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    Re: Hope someone can help

    Newbie Check In! is for introducing yourself to the members, not for posting problems. Post your problem it the correct Technical Forum.

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