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    Ricoh MP C6501-background in non-image area


    i have started working on a unit that has had many calls about copy quality.
    after being cleaned for dropping toner on ITB ass'y the print/copy jobs have background even in non-image areas.
    previous work was restarting all developers and replacing the ITB. Everything has been thoroughly cleaned and i have changed the black charge corona ass'y. Regular bond paper has a faint look of background however the glossy stock they use shows significant background even if single color is used the background seems to contain a color mixture. Print volume is around 65K and current engine version is loaded.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated by me and the customer!

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    just one copy?? 500+ Posts
    Ricoh MP C6501-background in non-image area

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    How do the charge rollers in the other(Y,M,C) units look?
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    Sounds like the density sensor is dirty. Is the total clicks on the machine 65k??

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    If you have access to the tech bulletins, you will find volumes on this subject. No answers, just a lot written about this.........

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    MPC6501 bacround

    Not a lot of prints on the unit so drums should be good. If you mean by restarting the developers, re-initializing the TD sensors, never do that. You will have to replace the developers and make sure you have a good set up result after initializing the TD sensors. First though, make sure your charge rollers are clean - use water only, laser shield glasses aren't fogged - clean if necessary, ID sensors are clean. Ricoh has a technical bulletin out on developer initialization because the process as outlined by he service manual is confusing. This TSB should be referenced if you are not familiar with the process.

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