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    Okidata CX3641 HDD software

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    Okidata CX3641 HDD software

    I know this thing is ancient but my customer uses this machine for proofing in their art department and like the fact it can run 12x18 sheets and still have a crap load of supplies. The initial call was for a error 145(bad toner motor) I replaced the motor and all was good except for the fact that now it keeps initializing over and over. I believe this is due to the fact that the customer was using the hard switch instead of the proper shut down button on the display to try and clear the 145 error. Years ago Oki had sent me a thumb drive with the software on it to re-image the drive but for the life of me I can't seem to locate it. I know this is a long shot but would anyone happen to still have this in their dungeon? I spoke with OKI and they no longer offer it.


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    Re: Okidata CX3641 HDD software

    Hi, I had one but left it with company when partner bought me out, but I think I may have a solution, one of the INTOPRINT DP100 GA printers that I bought and sold came with thumbdrive that I think may have HDD restore software (need to verify) and I also have OKI's CX3641 identity restore program that turns pretty much any of these printers in to OKI CX3641, so if Thumbdrive can restore HDD to INTOPRINT and another program can change its identity back to CX3641 - it may work. Not a straight shot but if desired result is achieved, maybe worth a try.
    I see your post if over month old but if you did not solve this issue yet - let me know.

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