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    DP-1820E Management Settings

    Thanks to the post at the bottom from many sunrises ago. I'm providing a bit more info that may benefit others.

    Product in Question: Panasonic DP-1820E Multifunction

    How To Determine The Key Operator ID Code

    1. Press and release the following keys at the same time: Function, Original Size, 3
    2. Now you'll see "Self Test F1" on the display.
    3. Scroll down to F7, then press "Start"
    4. The Key Operator ID Code will be displayed. Mine was 000
    5. Press "Stop" to back out one level.
    6. If there is way to back out of this menu completely, I don't know what it is. I cycled the power.

    To Change IP Settings

    1. Press the"Function" key.
    2. Press 1.
    3. Press "Set."
    4. Press 9
    5. Enter the Key Operator ID Code and press "Start". Default is 000.
    6. Press 19. Now you'll be in the network settings menu.
    7. If you need to assign this machine a static IP and if DHCP is Default 1: Valid, you will need to change that to Invalid. I think 2 was used to select invalid.
    8. Press "Set" after you make changes.
    9. Press "Stop" to exit this menu
    10. Cycle the power to activate the changes you made to the network settings.

    This machine does not have a web portal


    Quote Originally Posted by Vista Tech View Post
    To get to the service modes you need to press Function + Original Size + 3 and hold them down. The screen will turn to a wrench with a header that says F1. You need to scroll to F5. Then go through the options and change the key op pass. But if your not a certified tech don't try and change anything else or give out this info. It WILL cause you more problems in the future because IT people think they can fix copiers and actually mess things up more then they help.

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    After you have pressed stop you press function and clear simultaneously to fully exit the menu.

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