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    Re: Do you believe in medical marijuana?

    Quote Originally Posted by SalesServiceGuy View Post

    Even Coca Cola has begun testing medical marijuana infused drinks when edibles become legal in the Canadian market approx one year from now.
    The above CocaCola fact hit me like brick only just recently.
    I never knew it was even being concidered...

    The thought that kids will be drinking it makes me kinda' queezy in the stomach.

    Nooooooo, They're going to upset my Rum and Coke. I might have to change to Rum an Pepsi.
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    Re: Do you believe in medical marijuana?

    Yes Please.

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    Do you believe in medical marijuana?

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    Re: Do you believe in medical marijuana?

    CBD goes mainstream as bars and coffee shops add weed related drinks to their menus.

    Most CBD is now federally legal in the USA thanks to the farm bill President Donald Trump signed in December. Companies still aren't supposed to add CBD to food, drinks and dietary supplements, but many are doing it anyway. The Food and Drug Administration has said it plans to continue enforcing this ban but will also look into creating a pathway for such products to legally enter the market.

    The farm bill signed in December legalized hemp. Most CBD hitting USA shelves is derived from the hemp plant, which contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive chemical in weed. Hemp's close cousin, marijuana, can contain upwards of 10 percent THC.
    So you can't get high from CBD products if the proper dosage is followed, but the industry isn't regulated on a federal level so the amount of THC can vary.

    CBD goes mainstream as bars and coffee shops add weed-related drinks

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