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    Re: How Cheap is Your Company?

    Quote Originally Posted by CompyTech View Post
    After working around copiers and such for so long, I loath whiteout and paperclips and staples.

    As far as office supplies go, I only carry a pen and keep clipped to my pocket( a Pilot G2 .07 black specifically). I buy them my self and seldom lend them off. All others go in the trash or magically walk away.
    Good pens, those are the ones i was collecting.
    No way i will wash rags out. These days fancy buying microfiber cloth rejects for cheap. Just some frayed seems or joints in the cloth.
    $7 will get you about 20 big pieces i split into four pieces each.
    Best stuff to use.

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    How Cheap is Your Company?

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    Re: How Cheap is Your Company?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lagonda View Post
    I don't know how many millions this place turns over every month but I still have to ask the CEO for a new whiteout. The rest of the stationary is looked after by the receptionist but whiteout and highlighters are under lock and key in the Bosses office.
    Any business that supplies compatible toner i'd define as a "Cheap company"
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