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    Re: When is it time to say NO?

    I'm just a lad, so not there yet. But the moment I met my previous manager I wanted to quit.

    So i got decent with hackery over the 6 years i was there. I drove the most, had the most calls and learned lots. And we been getting referral and business was looking good. But then I didnt know the barometer what good business was, and owners kept their mouth shut.


    You know how RoundUP kill weeds, by over fertilizing them. I guess thats what happened. Somebody got greedy and complacent, their tail showed.


    I got to watch a business go under.

    I also learnt story telling abit, but my point is.. Sometimes, you dont have to, it presents itself. Having said so, I hope I dont run into big corporation or small mom and pops shop again, both are nasty in their own way.
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    Re: When is it time to say NO?

    Get your Production Print class training completed.

    If you go to another dealer/factory shop, the first question will be...when was your last class!

    Set up your next gig in writing before you give 2 weeks notice.

    I moved my family from California to Colorado, sold and bought a new house based on a verbal agreement and handshake.

    First day of work...nah, we don't need ya.

    2 weeks later I landed a job at a new place as Service Manager.

    We all respect the cray cray you put up with, day in and day out.


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