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In the recent past, Toshiba had in my territory six medical techs and one service manager who primarily serviced multi-million $ CT imaging machines, other imaging machines and annual service contracts.

It was not uncommon to send a tech to Japan for two weeks and spend upwards of $250k over time to get that tech trained to a very high standard.

You will be on call 24/7 and have to cover a large territory. It may not be the territory in which you currently reside. You will be well paid and have a life long stable career.

As the demands for healthcare hardware technology can only increase, so do the opportunities.

No one ever died from a copier that did not work properly and on time but someone can die if a CT machine images a blood vessel two mm off where it is suppose to be.

You need to get a job servicing medical equipment in a healthcare center with a few years experience before you will be considered to be hired on by a national vendor.

Another good opportunity is as a solar panel or wind turbine engineer.

About the wind turbine engineer,I saw a television show and they showed a guy who was doing a final in the field test to see if he would get the job. The two biggest things it takes to be in that field is that you have to carry your tools and parts up spiral staircase all the way to the top,no elevators in those things. So just to be able to do that is the first step. Then the next big one is getting harnessed up and going out on top and moving around out there. They figure if you can do those two things they can teach you the rest.