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    Re: One of the first Sharp fax brochures?

    Quote Originally Posted by KenB View Post
    I think you’re referring to “Group 1”, or “Old FM Mode”.

    Transmission time was 6 minutes for a letter size page. As there was no compression used, the transmission speed never really changed depending on the image.

    The only positive to thermal paper was that no matter how much image there was, there were no other consumables toner (or ink) needed.
    The company I worked for at one time was a dealer for Exxon Office Equipment. Product line included Quip Facsimile equipment. Early group 1 was 6 minutes a page. Later reduce vertical resolution allowed 4 minutes per page transmission but reduced quality as well.

    The next generation was Group 2 with transmission speeds of 3 and 2 minutes per page.

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    Re: One of the first Sharp fax brochures?

    Quote Originally Posted by copyman View Post
    See attached. I came across this in my old files and found it to be really funny. I believe this is for one of the first fax machines made (1972). Not sure if this was the one where a drum rotated and print was burnt onto thermal paper? You could see smoke coming from it. Took around 20 mins for 1 page with 2 paragraphs of text! LOL

    The sales letter is signed Phil but don't think it's our friend from this forum

    Added this after: Sharp named their early analog copiers "Sharpfax". Even though they had nothing to do with fax technology, except a copy being a "facsimile" of the original placed on glass! No ADF's on early copiers.
    It looks awesome! Definitely like 5% coverage.
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    Re: One of the first Sharp fax brochures?

    I started in the business in the mid 90's, so even though I worked through the change from analog to digital, I missed a lot of the early technologies with fax and copy machines. I love to see movies from the 60's or 70's that have some of that technology on display as the "latest and greatest". One of my favorites is the scene in Bullitt where they are all standing in the police station watching a fax printing out on a Telecopier.

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