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    Re: What clothes do you choose to work with printers?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Since you're working with CMYK toners, wear tie dye everything
    Hahaha, good tip
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    Re: What clothes do you choose to work with printers?

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonMcDowell View Post
    I am looking for the job position connected with the toners and colors of different types. Is it better to wear anything old? Or may be special ones? Brand, for instance? And easy to wash?
    You should pick dark colors. The ink is hard to wash out, and so it will be easiest to disguise it. I also work with printers, and I wear my old tuxedo Men's Wedding Suits & Tuxedos | Gentleman's Guru, it is dark blue. I am not afraid to get it dirty, as it is not visible. Once my colleague worked for half a year in white shirts (it was our experiment), and after six months, all these shirts became a blue shade. So it happens with all things. So be careful!

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