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    No more home page & politics !!!

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    No more home page & politics !!!

    Ha-ha not sure why I didn't do this sooner. I've made shortcuts directly to the 2 OEM forums I have expertise in. This avoids home page and all the political crap spewed by the few Dem assholes. Been using shortcuts it for a few weeks and working great!

    I had a lot of fun bashing Sleepy Joe during the race but it's over and time to move on. Dems stole the election and should be happy now, but not Dems, they are never happy people. Sad, Lonely people trying to make everyone like them.

    The 3-4 morons and their alter ego names on this site can keep replying to each other but I won't see any of it. As they will find out, if not already, no one cares about politics on a tech forum. But I guess when you have no expertise to help a tech you fall back to politics, which they are even bad at that with no expertise!

    Of course they will reply to this thread and of course as always they are all blocked and never read! Fools!

    Like I've said many times.... GET OUT OF YOUR PARENTS BASEMENT AND GET A JOB!

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