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    Re: Goodbye fellow techs

    I agree about the state of the industry and the large international companies running, or ruining, it. Two years ago the company I worked for decided to "save money" by layoffs and pay reductions. I had always stated that I was going to retire at lunchtime on the day of my funeral but at 72, the company declared me "non-essential personnel".

    Hmm, I was the shop supervisor setting up, plug and play ready to go, 100 to 130 units a month. All of a sudden I was "non-essential". I wondered how it was going to work out for them to send a pile of parts to a customer along with assembly instructions. Turns out they had to put two techs in the shop to do the setups I was doing and still didn't cover the other couple of jobs I was taking care of. Really saved money on that one I guess.

    It is beyond me how any company can take actions without understanding the consequences. I feel sorry for the guys who are left, doing almost double the work for 15% less pay when they were barely getting subsistence pay to begin with. I should be glad to be gone but I miss the guys and I was just built to go to work everyday. Good luck with your new occupation.

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    Re: Goodbye fellow techs

    Hi Paul, thanks for the private message, I appreciate it. Good luck in your new endeavours, and thanks for your friendship.
    Take care x
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    Goodbye fellow techs

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    Re: Goodbye fellow techs

    All the best in what you do.
    Networking skills are advantageous but use of a 3m vacuum cleaner is essential

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    Goodbye fellow techs

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    Re: Goodbye fellow techs

    I'm feeling the same way in my current job I've been at for 17 years. Been in this field since 1997, however. COVID really f**ked this business. No new maintenance contracts.

    My current employer wants me to get into the enterprise space. I never wanted to go down that path, but, decided I'd give it a shot. I started taking Dell Implementation Engineering training in 2019 (all on-demand training). After completing the first training and failing the exam, I tried 3 more times and failed every time. I was so broken and depressed. I moved on to another product and again, went through the training and took the exam. FAILED.......... In the end, I did manage to pass all three of the certifications my company wanted, albeit at the cost of my mental health and happiness.

    Now, they want me to start vmware and other things like that. I gotta say, I don't understand A THING that is talked about at our weekly Enterprise meetings. I also don't have any interest in the enterprise space. I just don't care about virtual this or that.

    So, it's time to talk about this year's certification goals and there are things on there they want me to do:
    Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert
    VMWare Cloud on AWS
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (WTF is this?)

    I've been seriously deciding since March on whats next for me as I'm planning on saying how I feel at this meeting. I want to get out of the IT space.

    Good luck at whatever you plan on working on next in life!

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