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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    My best, was a customer that complained of "all Black copies", so I make sure to take a lamp, fuse , etc. only to find that the customer had acquired a bunch of extra rolls of thermal fax paper, and decided to cut them to 11" lengths and run them through the copier to make use of it (a little too much time on your hands!!??) guess what happened when it hit the fuser?? Talk about making someone feel stupid...too funny!

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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    Ever had a customer lean over you while you had your hands inside the copier and press the print button? The she got upset when I got stroppy with her!
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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    I got a call for hotel "Bevanda".Its a 5 star hotel. They wanted a copier. I offered them 2 copiers, one classic b/w and one color. Hotel owner liked the color idea very much but his secretary (her, not him ) told him that they dont need color and cant afford it at this time.

    I told them that they can take b/W machine and later buy another device something like A4 color that isnt expensive. 5 days later i instaled b/w machine but hotel owner wasnt been in hotel.He came later at the end of instalation and i saw that PRICK got to the left side of the bed that morning and was yealing on office staff.

    In obout 35 mins as soon i did get from hotel i got call from a hotel secretary. Hotel owner(dumbass idiot whit money) aked her CAN HE PRINT SOMETHING IN COLOR!!??. I told her that he cant since they choze to buy a B/W machine. I got another call from her 1 min later that i must come and get the machine out of hotel......Sadest thing was i didnt get a dam cent for any of this since we didnt ask payment in advance....dam....

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    dumb looks

    Not a cust. question, but had this happen twice, get a emergency call, machne wont work, no power, just dead.
    Get out to the cust location, 1st time a bank, 2nd time a instuitue for higher learning, aka, local college, both times building maint. had moved the machine for some higher up, both times maint guy gets called away before he has a chance to plug machine back in, but get the same dumb look on the stuffed shirt's face, a cross between OH CRAP! and deer in the headlights look.

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    Had one today regarding the Document Server function on Ricoh machines

    Why doesn't it save my documents Double sided?
    Me: Notice the page count has doubled?
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    Went to a call at a well known medical facility. There was a problem with the machine in the hearing lab. When I get there the customer has what I can only describe as 12 inch tweezers and is removing a jam one torn peice at a time. She states "this machine is very difficult to get jams out of". I walk over and opened the transport bed and the paper fell out. "Oh, you can open that?" People know not to stick a fork in a toaster, but when it comes to 60 a minute copier costing thousands...........

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    I had a customer once complain that when he put in the original, it would tear it to pieces...the copier was next to the paper shredder.

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    I do have a funnier story though. I worked for a time for Denver Police HQ. I had a call in one of the detective areas, for the most part, the detectives were pretty cool. I had the developer unit out of a Minolta EP 4050 and was chatting with the guys. The door opened, the room went silent, and another detective walked in. He looked at me sitting on the floor with the d/u strewn about on the diaper in about 20 pieces. He asked "is the copier broken?" I just looked at him for a couple of seconds and asked him "are you a detective?" The room just fell apart after that.

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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    I had a customer with a Mita DC-2055,that called in for a squeaking noise. So I arrive on site. The radio is blaring away, to the point that I can't even tell if the copier is running.

    It was one of my more polite moments, so I gently asked if the manager could turn down the radio, so I could diagnose the noise problem. He said "No." and walked away.

    My invoice read: Could not hear machine noise over the radio.

    When I came back a week later the radio was off, and the manager was nowhere to be found. What a jerk! =^..^=
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    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.
    5) You are the person onsite. Only you can make observations.

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    Once I got a call to the State Police Forensics lab. The copier is making dark copies. So they left me a stack of papers to show me the problem. I glance at them quickly. Then I start reading them. Oh, so there was bruises on her wrists and pelvis. Hmm... Semen found in her vagina and anus but, none in the mouth... Oh she was raped in the park. Well that's nice. Based on that I would guess poor DV housing contacts

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