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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    Re: What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

    I once went on a service call at a church and the preacher watched over my shoulder the entire time I was working on the copier. I had to remove most of the exterior covers and the preacher tells me that he wants me to put the screws back in the same hole they came out of. He explained to me this is how he does it when he takes something apart.

    I politely tell him that I have 4 service calls after this one and there's no need to do this as all the screws are the same. He wasn't having it. He wanted me to follow his instructions. There was no way I was gonna do it. He insisted. Finally I told him that this goes against the way I was trained by the factory. He finally shuts up long enough for me to do my job.

    When I got back to the shop at the end of the day, he had reported me to the service manager.

    I started to show up at his church on Sunday and tell him how I wanted him to preach.

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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    Re: What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

    I had one yesterday. She pointed at the fuser "it's getting very hot I burnt myself" so I pointed at the warning label.

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    Re: What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

    I'm on the technical help-desk now, so no face to face customer experiences at the moment, but this week I had a customer who had moved the printer from one room into an adjoining room and needed the engineer to set it up. I explained that, as long as the network port is live, it should work. She replied that they haven't plugged it in as they don't want to break it...let's get this right, you disconnected it, and moved it, but you cannot plug it in
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    Re: Why don't you bring us a new one?

    Quote Originally Posted by JR Skewing View Post
    While deep in a T/S or repair a dimwit asks "Why don't you just bring us a new one?"
    My response: "Excellent idea! Do you have a PO number, or can I use your name on the requisition?"
    They mumble, and saunter away. Prob solved.
    C- Good morning.
    T- Hi how can I help you?
    C- The printer stinks. My clients are unable to stay in my office.
    T- Don't worry, we'll intervene immediately.

    I arrive on the spot and find him smoking tobacco with no window open. It took me an afternoon to explain that that stench came from that shit he was smoking.

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