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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

    I once had a customer ask if we had a copier that used less paper.

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    "Is it broken?" When you have everything out of the copier, screwdriver in your hand, replacing a hot roller is still a classic.
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    [ in reference to a color printer ] You mean there is more than one color toner in there.
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    "How come its not picking up the paper from this special tray when I print"?
    --- Customer placing sheet of paper into the ADF thinking it was the Bypass Tray.

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    Sure...why not!

    You are doing a major PM and the copier is completely gutted.

    Customer walks up..."Could I make just one copy???????"

    "Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you."

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    I had a customer tell me that the broken bins on her sorter resulted from a power outage. I told her that was not really possible.

    Turns out I was wrong. During the power outage she sat her fat ass on the sorter and that's what broke the bins. I found that little detail out from one of the other office workers.

    Customers, ya gotta love 'em.

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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    "But why would the copier turn the power point off? We don't turn the power points off!"

    After explaining to a customer that the reason her copier wasn't working was because the power point had been turned off.

    Turned out that a cleaner had turned the machine off so they could use their vucuum cleaner and obviously forgot to turn the outlet back on.
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    Not Kidding...I only wish I were

    "But the last tech said to 'keep the paper in the wrapper to keep the moisture out" says my customer as I explain that the paper wrapper must be removed from the ream before being placed in the tray......
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    It always worked before....

    Took a call on another reps machine needing PM. Okay, done. Replaced the ADF feed roller set after seeing high jam counts and worn rollers. GOT A CALL-BACK! Rrrrrr, 'ADF jamming' I showed during lunch hour, caller not avail. Place machine in test mode, ranover 400 sheets through. Runs like a top! Rrrrrr. Caller back from lunch now. "Can you please show me the job you were having trouble with?" She produces an entire sheet of 'paste-up'
    That is a whole lot of little pieces neatly taped to a bigger page.
    I explained to her the role of the ADF, and how it is supposed to sep'-ar-ate two sheets of paper and that it was doing exactly what it is supposed to do! (almost couldn't do it without laughing) Furiously she was staunch that "Well, it always worked before!" and wanted me to fix it so it would run her original paste-up without tearing it.
    I had to escalate this to my manager. That's why you get the big bucks!
    (this was located in a major university bio-chemistry lab. smart people there!)

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    What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

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    129 true!

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