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    No copier, but enough PC carcasses to build at least 3 working (albeit slow) ones, numerous SCSI cards and cables, serial and parallel cables, extinct software, and enough books to start a library for geeks. Not to mention about 1,000 floppy disks - I think I still may have about 30 5.25" floppies, still in the box.

    I guess in my case PC stands for "Packrat Central"...
    Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the fire hydrant.

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    I´ve got a Ricoh 1018 with fax and ethernet card hooked to a sitecom wireless router to print from anywhere, five copies a day so it will dye new, hehehe
    We can all Win, but at the end we all loose. Save the greyhound

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    Do you have a copier at home?

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    Yup! 1 analog canon 7130 that works pretty good, one oki es1624 mfp for colour and a workhorse hp laserjet 4100 with an external hp jet direct.. (it had an internal nic but it kacked!)!


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    Do you have a copier at home?

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    Well not really at my home but i got a few copiers for the old man from work. Old SF2120 with DF and duplex. He thought that was really cool since it was a upgrade from a old canon slide top

    When that packed in he got a AR151 with fax and then a customer got pissed with their Xerox expensive to run peice of crap color MFP and bought a Ricoh. Cleaned the laser glasses and the colors got better.

    Jesus christ people are dumb, just got off the phone while writing this... "my cash register that has thermal printers in it won't print on plain paper rolls." Morons
    Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.
    Its all shits and giggles until some body giggles and shits...

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    School District Tech 500+ Posts schooltech's Avatar
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    While you're at it, can't you just fax me over some money? How in the hell does all that paper squeeze through those tiny little lines?

    As I've said before, it does keep food on the table.
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Comptia A+, Comptia Network+

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    Tech. 100+ Posts Travis06's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    a 20 year old analog Toshiba 2810---for printing a HP 4250 laserjet

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    Trusted Tech 50+ Posts
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    May 2009
    Winnipeg Manitoba
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    I/WE have three copiers at home.

    Several years ago I got wind of a
    Xerox 5028 that needed parts to
    get it going. The owners had been
    in touch with Xerox sales for a quote.
    X sales gave them a deal because they
    are a charitable site, and trading
    in the 5028 would make any diference
    to the price.
    Any way when I heard about this one
    I went to see the people and find out
    what was happening.
    They did in fact get a new one from
    Xerox. I asked if they would take $300.00
    for the 5028 as it is. They said yes please,
    and we did the deal.

    Now I was able to scrounge enough
    parts to get it working again.

    I also called XEROX so that I could
    put a service agreement on it,
    because I have seen the prices for
    I paid the 1 hour service charge and
    put it on "service".
    This machine was a christmas gift
    to my wife who is a school teacher
    and she hasn't always been able to
    use the copiers at school for
    her lessons.
    Then she retired, and I let the service
    agreement lapse.
    After she had enjoyed being "retired"
    for a couple of months, she went back to work.
    Reserected the 5028 but without
    a service agreement and it worked just
    fine until a year ago, when the exposure
    lamp, or other parts broke.
    No service agreement!
    When it broke there was only 2 more months
    of school for her so I wasn't feeling
    any heat about HER Xerox m/c.

    And lucky me! An acquantance of mine
    told me that his company were about to
    trash their copier, as they were getting
    some thing new.
    I was very lucky!!! They "gave" me the
    machine, and I took it home to lots of
    This machine is a Xerox 5334 with lots of
    toys on it. The photo receptor belt
    had a blank spot, so I changed the P/R
    belt using one of my 5028 belt.
    Every thing on this machine worked,
    including all the paper trays, etc.
    I do not know what happened, but
    I could get it to feed paper out of
    one drawer. We could work around that.
    N ow I believe that the scorotron
    in the CRU is dirty and giving not
    so good copies. I looked at it for a bit
    but did nothing. And that will change
    when school starts again.

    So that is 2 copiers at home.

    I kept watching the BUY AND SELL
    sites hoping to scoop some thing useful.
    I spotted an ad for a Xerox 5034.
    A machine that I would prefer.
    Phoned the telephone number and
    was told that I was 3 hours too late.

    Checking the BUY AND SELL again
    I spotted an ad for a Xerox 1020.
    I jumped on that one right away.

    As I have some experience on
    the 1020 I thought that I was in heaven.
    Went to look at the machine, and it
    did not look like any 1020 I have seen!
    Bought it any way because it works.
    The machine is really an XC1020
    which I have never seen.
    I hope it works long enough until
    my wife retires again!

    There that is now 3 copiers in
    my basement.

    Many years ago (25 years)
    I had a customer with
    a 4000, that was giving lots
    of grief. I maintained that it was their
    inexpensive paper.
    It all came to a head when Xerox
    replaced it with a *newer* 4000.

    I asked to have the machine
    delivered to my basement and I had my wife
    use it as much as possible and she did.
    There was not any problem with this
    one that I could find,
    but it was fun to play with it.

    There have been many "shudders"
    on this site when Xerox 4000
    is mentioned.
    Shudder?? Not me.


    And my wife still loves me.

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    My wife went to a yard sale a few years back and drug home an old Royal analog. Not sure which model. I nursed the fuser along for a time but it's shot and I will not pay for what parts can be founf for it.

    So it's just sitting there keeping the concrete from peeling.

    "Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you."

    Cdr. William Riker

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    yes I do it is a minolta got it as a trade it came with 3 cases of toner when it dies I will junk it and get another one..LOL.. I am a canon tech but have but was a minolta tech...

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    Yep, sure, I thought I hit the jackpot when I went on a call for a full size Cannon Imagerunner with a bad door switch. I sold em a Lanier LDO15 and they gave me the Cannon. It has sat in the Garage for 4 years and never made a copy. I had someone give me an HP4600 when I sold them a new printer. I couldn't give that thing away. It needed a new magenta and yellow and I would not pay $300 to print. I have a Lanier lp122 I put together out of parts machines.
    The greatest enemy of knowledge isn't ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. Stephen Hawking

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