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    Re: Do you have a company car?

    Quote Originally Posted by alliedofficeproducts View Post
    When you have to supply your own vehicle you tend to treat it a bit better. Got to get those monthly oil changes, tires rotated and other scheduled maint when needed, just like the copiers. A little luck never hurts either.
    I don't agree... I only take my personal vehicle in once every six months or so for an oil change and I wash it far less (Because I don't care). My company vehicle is treated better because my company pays for it all. It gets regular maintenance and washes. It's part of my job taking care of it and I'd rather not reck it because then I'd have to most likely use my own car and that would be a hassle. Keeping receipts, miles, and all the crap that goes with driving my own car. I'm 100% more likely to wreck my car if its on the road than if its not on the road. Not only that my company is in far better shape to recover from a vehicle loss than I. They don't pay me enough to risk loosing my car. They have these places where people can rent cars and I'm not one of them. If I owned a semi truck as an owner operator, I'd charge what I needed and not what the paying company thought my truck was worth. As I said in another post... if you own the equipment doing the work for a company, you own that part of the company.

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    Re: Do you have a company car?

    For those with company/private Hybrid cars or Tesla full electric cars.
    The follows article show interesting promise for quick drive up recharge stations for work or home.
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    Re: Do you have a company car?

    Just got a company vehicle after many years of using my own. The company I worked for was bought out and the new company uses Ford Transit Connects. It's a pretty decent company sled. I have the long wheelbase model and it's been outfitted with drawers that slide out at the rear and has really good cargo area. I don't miss putting a ton of miles every year on my own car.

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    Re: Do you have a company car?

    We've always had a company vehicle where I work, now in my 31st year. Lost count of how many I've had over the years. They finally got me a new one (instead of a hand-me-down) 3 years ago and I really like it. It's a Ford Transit Connect 2015. I've put almost 70K on it so far.
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