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    Re: Which was the BEST copier ever?

    Quote Originally Posted by hallux13 View Post
    That family of Kyocera are really great machines, I still have a fleet of them running well (it doesn't hurt that everthing is unit replaceable.

    I've started working on Sharp's in the last 6 years and the Hercules is by far my favourite box. It's huge but easy to work on and can easly go 2 to 3 hundred K between calls if properly maintained.


    BH B1250 can do 1M+ between Calls. Generally i go and clean them for inspection reasons at about 400K.

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    Re: My Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by 10871087 View Post
    CMB wrote:

    Is that the Ricoh 105 cpm machine?
    Don't you just love a AF 2105. Heavy days.

    I again vote Konica Minolta B1250. I have never work on a machine that would run for mare than 1.6M and the only thing to be replaced out of need was the web.

    Machine runs up to 5.6M in peace. Replacing PM parts selectively.

    Even Oce would eat this light looking/feeling machines dust.

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