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    [SOLVED] Pro 1107 with J001 that doesn't clear

    Hello there!

    I had this one today and hope it helps someone.

    Short version:
    If you get a jam that doesn't clear, open the doors, place a sheet of paper on the location that the machine says it's jammed, close the doors, open the doors and then remove the sheet and close the doors. Voilą! The jam is cleared!

    This is what happened (long version):
    Machine jammed (the plotter jam history says it was J069) and the operator removed the sheets but the jam remained. He then rebooted the machine and the jam was still on (J001) on location "C".
    No sheets inside the machine. I cleared the upper relay sensor and the registration sensor but the jam still remained. I noticed that after I opened and closed the doors the jam and door open signs were both on. I suspected of the front door switches. Shortened all of them but it didn't make any difference.
    This customer has another Pro 1107 so I simulated a jam to see if the door open sign after a jam was "normal". And yes, if the machine jams and you open and close the doors without removing the jam, the door open sign will stay on!

    Went back to my faulty machine and switched the registration sensor with one from the duplex but the jam was still there. Placed a sheet of paper on the duplex and the machine now says it's jammed on locations C and Z4. If I remove the sheet it says jam on location C.
    I then placed the sheet on the paper feed exit to see in which locations it said it was jammed: C and B1. I moved the sheet of paper through the paper path until the machine stated that the only location jammed was location C, which was when the paper was past the registration rollers. After that I removed the sheet of paper and the jam cleared!!!

    This one was a first for me, especially the door open sign when there is a jam! I've never noticed that! Hope I'll remember that the next time.

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    Re: [SOLVED] Pro 1107 with J001 that doesn't clear

    After 2 days of swapping boards harness and sensor came across this. Almost bought a 3000 machine to swap. This worked and now I know to search this forum first for simple things first.


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