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    Question Ricoh PCL XL Error warning: IllegalMediaSource

    What could have caused this issue anyway? IT just happens randomly.

    """"PCL XL Error
    Warning: Illegalmediasource""""

    firmware for the machine has already been updated. Printer driver used is pcl6 univsersal version 4.8. No error log as i check in printer features in the web image.

    Could it be the custom paper size that i set and added into the printer driver?

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    Ricoh PCL XL Error warning: IllegalMediaSource

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    Re: Ricoh PCL XL Error warning: IllegalMediaSource

    The easiest sollution is to use the PCL5 printer driver. I always use the drivers that were developed for the particular model, not the universal drivers.

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    Re: Ricoh PCL XL Error warning: IllegalMediaSource

    If I remember correctly, there used to be a problem quite like this in the old days. It was caused by people trying to print from internet websites that were designed by morons, or something.
    That can't possibly be the case now though.
    You might try posting your question here if you haven't done so already:
    Please include the model of machine you are working with though, as we can't see your machine.
    Thank you.

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