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    MPC2011 Error SC120 randomly

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    Re: MPC2011 Error SC120 randomly

    Quote Originally Posted by guitar9199 View Post
    SC120-00 D Scanner Home Position error
    The home position is not correct when the main power is turned ON, at the end of a reading process from the exposure glass and ARDF.
    • Scanner motor defective
    • Scanner HP sensor defective
    • SBU defective
    • BiCU defective
    • Controller board defective
    • Scanner motor defective
      1. Move the scanner carriage by hand to check whether it is unusually difficult to move.
      2. Check that the scanner driving belt is not disengaged.
      3. Reconnect the following connector.
        Scanner Motor – Controller Board connector
      4. If the connector is broken, shorted, or grounded, replace the connector.
      5. Replace the scanner motor.

    • Scanner HP sensor defective
      1. Check that the scanner HP sensor is correctly positioned.
      2. Reconnect the following connectors.
        • Scanner HP Sensor – SBU connector
        • SBU – Controller Board connector

      3. Replace the scanner HP sensor.

    • SBU defective
      Replace the scanner unit.
    • BiCU defective
      Replace the BiCU.
    • Controller board defective
      Replace the controller board.

    Something else to check is the ribbon cable. Sometimes you get cracks in the wires and there'll be random strange errors that'll be the bane of your existence.

    Good luck,
    Thank you all for your feedback.

    When I last went to that customer (12th of December, if I'm not mistaken - EDIT: 15th), the machine hadn't thrown the code since the 6th - so, I checked and re-checked everything I did before, plus the scanner flat cable (disconnected and reconnected it on both ends), and left it at that.

    Now the customer is saying the machine is back at it.

    Guitar9199, my service manual doesn't mention the Control Board. Is that data you pasted here for the same model?

    I think I'll try that next.

    Thanks again.
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