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    Re: Ricoh MPc305 SPF

    Also if the dd is used a lot dont discount the wires in the loom between the df and the body breaking. We had far back as the mp161. Intermittent issues ended up being broken loom wires... may callbacks later!

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    Re: Ricoh MPc305 SPF

    Quote Originally Posted by cucuklotz View Post
    Hey everybody
    THANK YOU for the help.Sorry about delay I was away for a couple of days(COPIERS FORCE YOU TO NEED MENTAL BREAKS),
    The suggestions will help a lot. I was going go order the ADF feed solenoid and the ADF pickup assembly.
    The problem Im having comes and goes,When I get to customer the ADF Pickup rollers DO NOT COME DOWN to
    pick up the originals.By the time I gtake off rear cover,the vibration must do something and it starts working again.
    So Im guessing as to what is happening.Do you think I may need to order something in addition to feed assembly and solenoid?
    I have had this exact problem one year ago.
    The problem started when i removed and disasembled the DF pick up - feed roller shaft.
    I have also posted this on this site, but no solution came up.
    So I solved it by bying a secondhand ADF and replace it!

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    Ricoh MPc305 SPF

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    Re: Ricoh MPc305 SPF

    Did you ever finger out what the deal was?

    After reading the post again, I see where you mention the pick-up roller doesn't come down all the way. Did you disassemble the feed ass'y at any point? There's a little metal pin that goes through the shaft that I've personally had fall out (and not even noticed), and re-assembled and the P/U roller wouldn't drop.

    Have also seen where the spring that wraps around that shaft is broken in two, having the same effect where the roller won't drop.

    There's also a white plastic "spring clutch" in the rear drive area of the df that can go bad (along with the already mentioned solenoid). D6064150.
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