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    office.365 mailserver - from which date Ricoh's are compatibel?

    Does anybody know which Ricoh machines are connectable and which not?
    I know mpc2051 is not connectable, but is the mpc3002?
    Thanks for your answer!

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    Re: office.365 mailserver - from which date Ricoh's are compatibel?

    If the Ricoh device supports TLS then it should work with Office365. Older devices may still be used so long as an MX record is present, which basically means that relay functionality is available.The limitation will be that when using the relay they can only send to users on their own domain. My Office365 notes below:

    SMTP Server:
    SSL: ON
    Port: 587 (TLS)
    Authentication: ON
    Must use a valid user account credentials(client can create one for the purpose if they so choose). Enter the full email address into both fields plus password.
    Administrator Email: Must be the same as used for authentication.

    Note: This only works on products supporting TLS. Otherwise you will need to see if an MX record exists and utilize the direct send or mail relay feature. If an MX record does not exist the Office365 administrator will need to create one.

    Mail Relay for domain having an MX Record:

    SMTP Server:
    SSL: OFF
    Port: 25
    Authenticate as above

    Use a site like MXtoolbox to find out if an MX record exists for the customer's mail domain. Oh, and just because you may be able to change the SSL port to 587 does not mean TLS is available. Generally Office 365 works on 03 series and up. Anything older you need to verify its TLS availability.
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    Re: office.365 mailserver - from which date Ricoh's are compatibel?

    If your copier is too to support TLS, you can always setup a stunnel relay on one of your computers.

    MessageOps – Connecting Non-SSL POP3 and SMTP clients to Microsoft Online

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