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    MP 301 freezing up

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    Re: MP 301 freezing up

    Quote Originally Posted by craigster View Post
    I did firmware update as a package, so I just did it one at a time and it looks like it was the panel firmware that caused the issue! WOW! thanks for the reply.
    I had the same issue a few months back.
    After I updated the firmware, the Op panel behaved exactly the same as yours, and I didn't use the package firmware.
    I ended up rolling back the op panel F/w which resolved the issue and then updated it individually and it was all good.
    I typically just install all modules at once and have seldom, if ever, had an issue. It seems like this was the first time

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    Re: MP 301 freezing up

    As others have mentioned the panel firmware is the culprit on this. The panel firmware is title LCDC. Version 1.04 is the one you want to use.

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    MP 301 freezing up

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    Re: MP 301 freezing up

    Common problem update all firmware

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