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    Re: Aficio MP5001 No feed jam

    I agree there are some rollers that can't be helped. My situation was a large territory and I needed to keep the customer running. Even on worn out rollers I could usually buy 3 or 4 days. This would keep the customer happy until I got back. I find there are some rollers that don't really wear out. They're almost always a light grey color. They get a shinny brownish texture an become slippery. That's how the doc feeder's rollers were in our C401. I cleaned all of those rollers and they feel like rubber again. It wouldn't even feed 1 sheet but now has been problem free for a few months.
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    Aficio MP5001 No feed jam

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    Re: Aficio MP5001 No feed jam

    Yes I agree, the paper handling rollers through out the machine that have the rubber roller fixed to the shaft, i do clean. I use Pro-Care Ink Begone, works good for me. It has a strong odor, so I use disposable gloves and the wrap the cleaning cloth inside the gloves to keep the smell inside the gloves.

    It's the Pickup, feed and sep rollers that I don't clean, they seem to work until the tread is worn, then I toss them and install a new set. That's what works for me, if other techs are having good luck cleaning them, that's good too, what ever it takes to keep them running.

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    Aficio MP5001 No feed jam

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    Re: Aficio MP5001 No feed jam

    I'm one of those who uses WD40 for clean feed rollers, but in this machine in particular, I've learned to replace them when jamming (with exception of gross paper dust, like Slimslob says). They're not expensive and clear all doubts if it keeps jamming that rollers have nothing to do. I use WD40 for greys rollers, mainly. And for KM rollers. And it suits fine most of time.

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