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Idiots. Thanks for your stupid comments. I have helped more than you could ever know. I don’t spend my life on this board all day responding to every person that posts. I have helped through private messages and other ways. I’m sure your 350lb backsides due to constant chair warming does well in the field. A couple of Karen’s as I see ��
keep up with the snide remarks.

I guess those people you 'helped' didn't come back and like or thanked you for your help

I'm sure you're the only one with a fat ass .. I weigh 145# I workout everyday and I KNOW I can run circles around you any day of the week and I am 63 years old.

so take your snotty ass attitude and shove it up your perfect fat ass.

you will never be anything more than a loser to me ( and I'm sure looking at the remarks ) to a whole host of others.

Mr Fuser? HAHAHAHA you have more PROBLEMS with fusers... you should change your nickname to Mr. Loser .. because it still rhymes.