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    Ricoh scan to Gmail in 2021

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    Re: Ricoh scan to Gmail in 2021

    Quote Originally Posted by SalesServiceGuy View Post
    Fantastic! Can you detail where in the Admin area of O365 the switch for 2FA is located?
    I found it myself in the M365 Admin Center, Active Users. Just have to play with it a few days to be able to understand how App Password and O365 2FA interact and gets programmed into a copier.

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    Re: Ricoh scan to Gmail in 2021

    Here are some instructions I sent to my coworkers when our phones email stopped working due to 2FA. Just use that same password you created as authentication on the copier and you should be all set. I tried attaching some pictures as well but got an error when trying to post so if you need pictures let me know and I can post them separately.

    First go to Sign in to your account and log in. It might prompt you for a code that it sends to your cellphone through text. Once you're in select App Passwords

    Then select create and enter a name for the app password (ie. Cellphone)

    It should then display a very long string of characters. Either write it down or copy it (if you forget it there is no way to see it again as far as I know and you'll need to create a new one). Then when you're setting up your email in your phone use that long string of characters as the password instead of your regular password. This will bypass the 2FA authentication and will let you receive email on your phone again.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Ricoh scan to Gmail in 2021

    Quote Originally Posted by thebillydangerous View Post
    Scan to Gmail requires the "less secure apps" setting to work. That setting will go away in Feb 2021. I have reached out to Ricoh, but am curious what you other techs are planning or have implemented to continue working when Gmail takes away the "Less secure apps" setting. Thanks in advance. I appreciate all the combined knowledge of this community.
    I have found, for small customers, setting up an outlook account works well. You have to verify the account to remove the initial daily email limit. (Free accounts are still limited to, I think, 300 per day)

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