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I have logged in to the printer via the IP. It looks like the paper setting for the bypass tray is
Paper Size : Custom Size
Custom Paper Size
Horizontal : 5.83inch
Vertical : 8.26inch
Paper Type : Thick Paper 1 (106 to 170g/mē)
Apply Auto Paper Select : On
Apply Duplex : On

It is not editable in the web interface. I'd like it to be 7.25 x 5.25

The toner and ibt setting alterations you sent SEEM to be helping, but I need to figure out how to run out the drums some. you had said I could pull the toners out and run some gray scale sheets, but my machine won't run with the toners pulled out. Can you advise how to do that?

Thanks for all the assistance.

UPDATE.... it is editable when I log in with admin credentials.... however, I run 1 envelope and the settings revert to default. So it will not hold the updated paper setting I enter. seems odd.
Of course you can't use machine with drums or toners are pulled out just fix the copy quality problem sometimes you will need to fit parts start with magenta pcdu new oem that will setup when installed