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    Re: Printing Red turns yellow

    So we see a magenta related issue. Try and print a3 full bleed magenta page and interrupt the print process to see what's going on. Check if the transfer belt and magenta drum surface is covered with toner as is should. If the drum looks good but the transfer belt does not catch the toner properly, you might have a problem with the magenta bias roller (broken bushing or something like that) .

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    Re: Printing Red turns yellow

    Good news! The printer is fixed. I finally got other jobs closed out and was able to spend some time on it. It did end up being the magenta transfer roller inside the transfer unit, unfortunately I do not have the parts to fix the transfer unit, so I ended up having to replace the whole unit, as I had one on hand from another unit that had separate issues.

    Once I swapped out the transfer unit the test pages I was printing looked very vibrant and crystal clear. Even the other colors were darker and more maybe the belt was wearing out as well.

    Regardless....thank you everyone for your help and input! Y'all are awesome.

    On a side note to help your weekend kick off with a good laugh.....I was outside at the smoke pit earlier this morning, farted cause no one was around and breakfast wasn't sitting well. It was pretty bad...Came back to the building I'm working at and realized my mask that I have to wear was in my back pocket......soooo I pretty much dutch ovened myself.....have a great weekend and thanks again!

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